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A. Preliminary plat approval shall be effective for a period of sixty (60) months. Additional time for application for final plat approval may be granted as provided by SMC 14.215.085.

B. Preliminary approval shall be considered the basis upon which the applicant may proceed toward development of the subdivision and preparation of the final plat subject to all the conditions of the preliminary approval.

C. When a plat is developed in divisions or phases and complete applications for final plats for all divisions or phases are not submitted within the time limits provided in this section, preliminary subdivision approval for all incomplete divisions or phases shall become void.

D. When a preliminary plat, or division or phase thereof, becomes void due to expiration of approval, a new, complete application for preliminary plat approval shall be required. Such application shall conform to regulations applicable at the time of submittal. (Ord. 2184, 2010; Ord. 2353, 2018)