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Final plats are Type 2 permits under Chapter 14.20 SMC. The application shall include, at a minimum, the following submissions:

A. Plat map certified by a registered land surveyor, including everything required by RCW 58.17.160 and including signage blocks as required by the City;

B. Title certificate confirming that title vests in the stated owners and that any dedications, easements, or deeds being granted to the City are free of encumbrances;

C. Legal descriptions of the lands divided as they appear on the plat;

D. Closure calculation records for all lots, tracts, and boundaries within the plat;

E. A statement that a subdivision has been made with the free consent of the owners;

F. A dedication to the public of all streets and other public areas;

G. A performance bond, if appropriate, per SMC 14.215.060 and a maintenance bond per SMC 14.215.080; and

H. A fee deposit to cover costs of processing the final plat. (Ord. 2353, 2018)