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A. Preliminary short plats are Type 3 permits under Chapter 14.20 SMC. Applications for preliminary short plats shall include, at a minimum, the following submittal requirements:

1. Title certificate;

2. The required fees related to the review of the preliminary short plat;

3. If the property is within the NE Sewer Area, an affirmation of the obligation of the property owners binding the properties to the payment of all present or future charges for the Cemetery Creek Special Project, and a preliminary description of developer proposed sewer extensions and capacity improvements;

4. Submittal materials listed in SMC 14.20.060(C).

B. The criteria for approval of preliminary short plats shall be:

1. Consistency with the criteria stated in RCW 58.17.110.

2. If the property is in the NE Sewer Area, a showing that the criteria in SMC 15.04.047 will be satisfied.

3. Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.

4. Consistency with this Development Code and the adopted City of Snohomish Engineering Standards Manual.

5. Consistency with the concurrency requirement of SMC 14.20.090.

6. Provisions of off-site improvements or dedications of land to the public which are needed to mitigate the development’s impacts and are proportional to those impacts.

7. Compliance with the requirements of SMC Title 15, entitled “Sewer, Water, and Stormwater,” including but not limited to the provisions stated in:

a. SMC 15.04.047, NE Sewer Area, if relevant; and

b. SMC 15.04.140, Connection to Sewer System Required.

8. Short plats shall not result in more than four (4) developable lots within the subdivision.

C. Land within a short plat shall not be subdivided within five (5) years of final short plat approval.

D. Final Short Plat Criteria. The criteria for approval of a final plat shall be:

1. Accuracy and mathematical closure of all lots and boundaries;

2. Conformance with the preliminary plat conditions of approval;

3. Conformance with City ordinances and public works standards; and

4. Conformance with State law.

The signature on the face of the final short plat by the City Engineer and the City Planner shall serve as approval of the short plat. (Ord. 2252, 2013; Ord. 2353, 2018)