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The general purpose of this chapter is to promote creativity in site layout and design. More specific purposes of this chapter are to:

A. Allow development of land subject to critical areas while at the same time preserving the natural characteristics of a site, including topography, native vegetation, streams, wetlands, views, and other natural amenities of value to the community.

B. Create and/or preserve useful open space for recreation and aesthetic enjoyment of residents.

C. Permit developers to use innovative methods and approaches not available under conventional Land Use Designation methods; provided, that methods and approaches are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, do not adversely impact neighboring uses more than development occurring under conventional methods, and do not significantly interfere with the enjoyment of other land in the vicinity.

D. Provide for choices in the layout of streets, utility networks, and other public improvements through superior site design and the use of clustering.

E. Encourage infill within areas of the City which have existing development.