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A. This chapter shall apply to single-family detached and attached residential developments which are proposed on property on Single-Family (SF) and Low Density Residential (LDR) land use designation areas that are subject to critical areas whose presence will result in a reduction in the developable density by normal subdivision action by at least one dwelling unit within the proposed development project boundary. This chapter may be applied to existing subdivisions on which no development has yet occurred. This chapter shall not be applied to single-family residential lots incapable of further subdivision due to lot size or as a means to avoid other procedures more appropriately reviewed as applications for variances. Planned residential developments may consist of individual lots or may have common building sites.

B. The planned residential development process (PRD) shall be available as a mutually exclusive alternative to traditional development under subdivision standards provided in this title under Chapter 14.215 SMC.

C. Approval of a PRD shall be subject to the process for a preliminary plat in accordance with Chapter 14.215 SMC.

D. The application shall include information as to the design of the residential units to be included within the PRD. The level of detail required for approval shall not extend to specific floor plans but shall depict the conceptual building elevations, general size of units, their general appearance and their relationship to one another in sufficient detail to guide future building permit review and approval by City staff. It is expected that any PRD development of six (6) or more residential units will include sufficient design elements to promote architectural variety within the development. (Ord. 2338, 2017; Ord. 2420, 2021)