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Except as specifically modified in this section, the bulk and dimensional requirements of this title shall apply to all development within a PRD.

A. Permitted density within a PRD shall be based on the allowed density in the underlying land use designation area as specified below:

1. Single-Family (SFR): six (6) du/gross ac.

2. Low Density Residential (LDR): twelve (12) du/gross ac.

The maximum number of dwelling units permissible within the PRD shall be the maximum number of units permitted by the underlying land use designation area as indicated above.

B. The minimum lot size within a PRD shall be four thousand (4,000) square feet.

C. The minimum lot width shall be forty (40) feet. To provide flexibility for innovative lot layouts and use of common space, at the City’s discretion and on a case-by-case basis the minimum lot width at the road frontage may be reduced to twenty (20) feet.

D. Minimum setbacks:

1. Front setback shall be:

a. Ten (10) feet for other than garage doors; or

b. Twenty (20) feet for garage doors.

2. Rear setback shall be twelve (12) feet.

3. Each side setback shall be:

a. Five (5) feet if adjacent to another lot or open space; or

b. Ten (10) feet if adjacent to a public or private street.

4. No portion of a building or appurtenance shall be constructed so as to project into any commonly owned open space.

E. The floor area ratio or gross floor area divided by the area of the lot shall not exceed one-half. (Ord. 2420, 2021)