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A. The provisions of this section shall take precedence over other provisions of Chapter 14.235 SMC.

B. Off-street parking shall be required for the construction or addition of new building floor area.

C. For new building area containing commercial, retail, and service uses, one off-street parking space shall be provided for each 400 gsf.

D. No building in existence on August 4, 1998 and situated within the Historic Business District land use designation shall be required to provide additional off-street parking as a condition of the following:

1. Remodeling or renovation of existing floor space.

2. Changes in use.

3. For any deck, patio or other exterior seating or eating area constructed as a part of an existing eatery or drinking establishment.

E. No off-street parking in existence on May 27, 2010 that satisfies the off-street parking requirements of this Code shall be eliminated unless replaced/relocated as otherwise allowed. (Ord. 2188, 2010)