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Off-street parking spaces shall be located as specified herein. Where a distance is specified, the distance shall be the walking distance measured from the nearest point of the parking facilities to the nearest point of the building which it serves. These requirements do not apply to an area in which off-street parking is paid for by the participants of a parking improvement district.

A. Parking facilities for all single-family residences, mobile home parks, and multi-family dwellings shall be located on the same lot with the building they serve or on a lot within one hundred (100) feet from the nearest boundary and in the same ownership of the lot on which such structure is located.

B. Parking facilities for all hospitals, sanitariums, homes for the aged, asylums, orphanages, rooming houses, boarding houses, hotels, and community clubs shall be located not more than two hundred (200) feet from the building they serve.

C. For uses other than those specified above, parking facilities shall be located not over three hundred (300) feet from the building they are required to serve; provided, that for buildings situated within the Historic Business land use designation, off-street parking facilities may be provided up to one thousand (1,000) feet from the building.