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A plan for all parking areas involving more than three stalls shall be submitted to the Building Official at the time of application for the building permit for the structure for which the parking area is accessory. The parking area plan may be included as part of the building site plan. The plan shall clearly illustrate and include the following:

A. Location, dimensions, and area of parking lot

B. The number of parking stalls

C. Locations and dimensions of existing and proposed points of ingress and egress

D. Arrangement and dimensions of parking stalls

E. Means of delineating parking stalls

F. Traffic directional information

G. Type and location of all traffic-control devices

H. Location and dimension of walk-ways

I. Inlet and drainage system

J. Lighting

K. Landscaping

L. Screening

M. Other pertinent information.

The parking plan shall be approved by the City Planner prior to the issuance of a building permit in accordance with the requirements outlined in this section. In those instances when a parking area for three or more vehicles is being developed and no building permit is required, the developer shall make application for, and obtain a use permit from the City Planner before any preparatory work is started. A parking plan as previously described will be required before the use permit is issued.