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Permittees shall comply with the following conditions, which shall apply to all permits:

A. Comply with all applicable City ordinances, City design and construction standards, specifications, policies, and administrative procedures.

B. Agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Snohomish, its officers, employees, and agents, for any and all suits, claims, causes of action, or liabilities caused by or arising out of any activities conducted by the permittee resulting from issuance of the permit.

C. Agree to special project notification of the City, affected property owners and tenants, or other agencies as specified by the City Engineer.

D. Notify the City 48 hours before installation of temporary erosion and sediment control measures and commencing any land-disturbing activity.

E. Install all temporary erosion and sediment control measures as identified in the approved plans prior to commencing any land-disturbing activity.

F. Delimit all potentially impacted critical areas and their buffers with a construction limits fence prior to any disturbance of the soil.

G. Notify the City within 24 hours after the temporary erosion and sediment control measures installation is completed and do not commence any land-disturbing activity until notified by the City that the installation of the temporary erosion and sediment control measures and construction limits fencing has been approved.

H. Obtain permission in writing from the City prior to modifying any of the plans.

I. Maintain all road drainage systems, storm water drainage systems, control measures, and other facilities identified in the plans.

J. Protect areas to remain undisturbed and identified for low impact development facilities/uses and minimize equipment encroachment into these areas.

K. Repair siltation or erosion damage to adjoining surfaces and drainage ways resulting from land-developing or -disturbing activities.

L. Inspect the erosion construction control measures at least once each week during construction after each rain of 0.5 inch or more (over a 24-hour period), and immediately make any needed repairs.

M. Allow the City to enter the site for the purpose of inspecting compliance with the plans or for performing any work necessary to bring the site into compliance with the plans.

N. Keep an up-to-date, approved copy of the plans on the site.

O. Understand and agree that the City Engineer may, at his or her discretion, attach other special conditions to any permit. Such condition(s) shall be necessary to satisfy the purpose of this chapter, compliance with the Ecology Stormwater Management Manual or to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

P. Understand and agree that all construction, workmanship and materials shall be in accordance with the City Engineering Design Standards, City adopted Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, and where applicable, the most current edition of the State of Washington Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction. (Ord. 2315, 2016)