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A. Prior to any clearing, grading, filling, and/or drainage facility construction, the contractor may be required to conduct a preconstruction conference with the City’s Engineering Construction Inspector to coordinate the project.

B. All projects which include clearing, grading, filling or drainage shall be subject to inspection by the City Engineer or his designee, who shall be granted reasonable right of entry to the work site by the permittee. When required by the City Engineer, special inspection of the grading operations and special testing shall be performed by qualified professionals employed by the permittee.

C. Each site that has an approved clearing and grading, temporary erosion and sediment control or other required plans must be inspected as necessary to ensure that the temporary erosion and sediment control measures are installed and effectively maintained in compliance with the approved plan and permit requirements. Where applicable, the permittee must obtain inspection by the City at the following stages:

1. Following the installation of sediment control measures or practices and prior to any other land-disturbing activity;

2. During the construction of sediment basins or storm water management structures;

3. During rough grading, including hauling of imported or wasted materials;

4. Prior to the removal or modification of any sediment control measure or facility; and

5. Upon completion of final grading, including establishment of groundcover and planting, installation of all vegetative measures, and all other work in accordance with an approved plan and/or permit. (Ord. 2315, 2016)