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The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all applications for new and expanded/altered wireless communication facilities located within the boundaries of the city except the following, which shall be permitted in all land use designations unless otherwise regulated by Title 14 SMC:

A. Systems for military and government communication and navigation.

B. Industrial processing equipment and scientific or medical equipment using frequencies regulated by the FCC.

C. Hand-held, mobile marine and portable radio transmitters and/or receivers.

D. Two-way radio used for temporary or emergency services’ communications.

E. Federally licensed amateur (ham) radio stations and citizen band stations, provided that:

1. No portion of the tower or antenna exceeds the height limits of the applicable land use designation;

2. The tower shall be located a distance equal to or greater than its height from any existing residential structure located on an adjacent parcel;

3. Towers shall not be used for commercial purposes; and

4. All towers shall meet all applicable state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations, including obtaining a building permit from the City, if applicable.

F. Receive-only television and satellite dish antennas as an accessory use.

G. A temporary WCF.