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A WCF permit shall be required prior to the construction or installation of each new or modified WCF other than a temporary WCF as defined herein. A WCF permit is required in addition to any land use, building, or right-of-way use permit or approval to which the proposal is subject under this title.

A. A Category 1 WCF Permit shall be required for an eligible facilities request, as defined in this chapter.

B. A Category 2 WCF Permit shall be required for:

1. Any modification of an eligible support structure, including the collocation of new equipment, that substantially changes the physical dimensions of the eligible support structure on which it is mounted; or

2. Any collocation not eligible for a Category 1 WCF Permit.

C. A Category 3 WCF Permit shall be required for the siting of any WCF that is not a collocation subject to a Category 1 or 2 WCF Permit.