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All applications for a WCF Permit shall contain the following items:

A. The applicant shall specify in writing the classification of the proposal on the siting preference hierarchy in SMC 14.242.050. Except applications for any WCF Permit that are consistent with a siting preference Tier 1 WCF type, a justification for a lower tier shall be provided.

B. The applicant shall specify in writing whether the applicant believes the application is for an eligible facilities request subject to the Spectrum Act, and if so, provide a detailed written explanation as to why the applicant believes that the application qualifies as an eligible facilities request.

C. The applicant shall submit a land use application form, as may be amended from time to time.

D. The applicant shall submit a complete and signed application checklist available from the City, including all information required by the application checklist.

E. The applicant shall remit fees as prescribed in the adopted fee schedule.

F. The application shall be accompanied by all applicable permit applications with required application materials for each sep-arate permit required by the City for the proposed WCF.

G. For Category 3 WCF Permits, the plans shall include a scaled depiction of the maximum permitted increase in the physical dimensions of the proposed project that would be permitted by the Spectrum Act, using the proposed project as a baseline.

H. The application submittal shall include such requirements as may be, from time to time, required by the City Planner, as publicly stated in the application checklist.