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14.242.140 Development Standards.
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Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a proposed WCF project shall comply with the following standards:

A. The WCF project shall utilize the smallest footprint possible consistent with its functional service requirements.

B. The WCF project shall be designed to minimize the overall height, mass, and size of the base station.

C. The base station shall be screened from public view.

D. The WCF project shall be architecturally compatible with the existing site to the extent possible.

E. An antenna, base station, or tower shall be designed to minimize its visibility from off-site locations. Concealment, screening, and other techniques may be used to blend the facilities with the visual character of the surrounding area.

F. A building-mounted antenna, base station, or tower shall be architecturally compatible with the existing building on which the equipment is attached.

G. Any WCF project in the Historic District, except when subject to an eligible facilities request, shall be reviewed by the Design Review Board and a recommendation issued for the project record.

H. Except where proposed within a public right-of-way, a new support structure shall be set back from the street frontage to the extent possible.

I. Where aviation safety beacon lights are required, red is preferred over white. Where applicable, applicants shall identify the type of lighting proposed and provide a justification for the use of white lights over red lights.