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Although the City intends for City staff to review administrative matters to the extent feasible, the City may retain the services of an independent, RF technical expert to provide technical evaluation of permit applications for WCFs. The selection of the third party expert is at the discretion of the City. The applicant shall pay the cost for any independent consultant fees, along with applicable overhead recovery, through a deposit, estimated by the City, paid within 10 days of the City’s request. When the City requests such payment, the application shall be deemed incomplete for purposes of application processing timelines. In the event such costs and fees do not exceed the initial deposit amount, the City shall refund any unused portion within thirty days after the final permit is released or, if no final permit is released, within thirty days after the City receives a written request from the applicant. If the costs and fees exceed the deposit amount, then the applicant shall pay the difference to the City before the permit is issued. The third party expert review is intended to address interference and public safety issues and be a site-specific review of engineering and technical aspects of the proposed wireless communication facilities and/or a review of the applicants’ methodology and equipment used, and is not intended to be a subjective review of the site which was selected by an applicant. Based on the results of the expert review, the City may require changes to the proposal. The third party review may include, but is not limited to, the following:

A. The technical accuracy and completeness of submittals;

B. The applicability of analysis techniques and methodologies;

C. The validity of conclusions reached by the applicant;

D. The viability of other site or sites in the city for the use intended by the applicant;

E. Whether the WCF complies with the applicable approval criteria set forth in this chapter; and

F. Any specific engineering or technical issues identified by the City.