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The following types of signs or activities relating to signs are exempt from the permitting requirements of this chapter:

A. Non‑illuminated signs of two (2) square feet in area, or less, except in the Historic Business land use designation area.

B. Window signs.

C. Governmental Signs. Signs installed by the City, county, or a federal or state governmental agency for the protection of the public health, safety and general welfare, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Emergency and warning signs necessary for public safety or civil defense;

2. Traffic and/or wayfinding signs erected and maintained by an authorized public agency;

3. Signs required to be displayed by law;

4. Signs showing the location of public facilities; and

5. Any sign, posting, notice, or similar sign placed by or required by a governmental agency in carrying out its responsibility to protect the public health, safety and general welfare.

D. Historical plaques, memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings, building cornerstones, and date-constructed stones when cut into any masonry surface or inlaid so as to be part of the building; provided, that none of these exceed ten (10) square feet in area.

E. Occupant signs in residential districts, the content of which is limited to the name of the occupant and/or the address of the premises.

F. Signs required or specifically authorized for public purposes by any law, statute, or ordinance.

G. Religious symbols.

H. Flags bearing the official emblem of a nation, state, municipality, educational institution, or non‑commercial organization.

I. Identification signs for parking lots, not advertising premises or products and having an area of three (3) square feet or less.

J. Incidental signs.

K. Changes to the face or copy of changeable copy signs, digital signs, electronic messaging signs, provided such changes do not change the material or appearance of the sign as originally permitted by the City.

L. The normal repair and maintenance of conforming or legal non‑conforming signs.

M. Interior Signs. Signs or displays located entirely inside of a building and located at least three (3) feet away from transparent doors and windows.

N. Vehicle with Signs. Any sign on a vehicle, unless such vehicle is parked or stationed near an activity for the primary purpose of attracting public attention to such activity. However, any such vehicle or mobile unit that is regularly parked in any prominently visible location for the primary purpose of attracting public attention to the sign shall not be allowed.

O. Bench Signs. Any outdoor bench or furniture with any signs or plaques one (1) square foot or less in area.

P. Privately maintained traffic control signs in a subdivision with private roads or signs in a parking lot. (Ord. 2362, 2018)