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The following provisions shall apply to electronic changing message signs:

A. Electronic changing message signs are prohibited in the Historic District because they are inconsistent with the historic character of the District.

B. Only one (1) electronic changing message sign shall be allowed per development.

C. Electronic changing message signs shall only be allowed within the Commercial and Business Park land use designation areas.

D. The maximum height for the electronic portion of an electronic changing message sign shall be ten (10) feet.

E. The maximum sign area for an electronic changing message sign, which is freestanding or wall-mounted, shall be no greater than thirty‑five (35) percent of the maximum total allowable sign area.

F. All electronic changing message signs shall be constructed as an integral part of a permanent sign constructed on site. “Integral” shall be considered to be incorporated into the framework and architectural design of the permanent sign.

G. A maximum of two (2) colors shall be used for each electronic message displayed on an electronic changing message sign. The text of the message shall be a single color while the background color shall be a different, darker color.

H. The occupant’s name and address shall be provided in non‑electronic format.

I. The display shall be limited to numbers, letters, standard punctuation, and symbols. Video boards shall be prohibited.

J. Displays or messages on electronic readerboards shall not change more frequently than once every five (5) seconds with a three (3) second maximum transition time between messages. (Ord. 2109, 2006; Ord. 2362, 2018)