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A. Light directed on, or internal to, any sign shall be so shaded, shielded, or directed that the light intensity or brightness shall not adversely affect surrounding or facing premises, nor adversely affect safe vision of operators of vehicles moving on public or private roads, highways, or parking areas. Light shall not shine or reflect on, or into, residential structures.

B. No sign shall have blinking, flashing, or fluttering lights, or other illumination devices which have a changing light intensity, brightness, or color, or which are so constructed and operated as to create an appearance or illusion of writing or printing, except those showing date, time, and temperature, exclusively. However, within the Historic Business land use designation area, this provision shall not apply to signs which are approved consistent with the procedures set forth in Chapter 14.225 SMC. Further, nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed as preventing the use of lights or decorations relating to religious and patriotic festivities. (Ord. 2362, 2018)