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Garage, private: a building or portion of a building in which motor vehicles used by the occupants of the building or buildings on the premises are stored or kept, without provisions for repairing or servicing such vehicles for profit.

Garage, public: a building or a portion of a commercial building designed or used primarily for temporary shelter or storage of vehicles in exchange for a fee, or accessory to a commercial use.

Gasoline service station: a facility for the retail sale of gasoline and other automobile fuels available at pump islands, together with light general maintenance of automobiles and/or a convenience store.

Geologically hazardous area: an area susceptible to significant or severe risk of landslides, erosion, or seismic activity.

Golf facility: a public or private facility for playing golf, including golf courses, driving ranges, miniature golf, and related pro shops, caddy shacks, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, and storage facilities.

Governmental facility: a facility owned, or leased and operated by an agency of the federal, state, special district, or local government.

Grade: the vertical elevation of the ground surface.

Grading: the movement or redistribution of the soil, sand, rock, gravel, sediment, or other material on a site in a manner that alters the natural contour of the land.

Ground floor: the lowest story of a building located at or near, but not below, the nearest street level. (Ord. 2401, 2020; Ord. 2434, 2022)