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TDR certificate: a recorded document issued by Snohomish County representing one (1) Transfer of Development Rights credit that may be submitted as part of an application for development of a receiving site to allow additional development consistent with the adopted exchange rate.

TDR credit: a tradable commodity representing one (1) certified development right.

TDR exchange rate: the development increment represented by one (1) Transfer of Development Rights credit for a specific receiving area, as may be measured in building area, building height, lot coverage, residential density, number of residential dwellings, or other development provisions as provided by this title.

Temporary sign: any sign intended to be displayed for a limited period of time and that is not permanently mounted, painted on a structure, or otherwise affixed.

Temporary WCF: a nonpermanent WCF installed on a short-term basis, for the purpose of evaluating the technical feasibility of a particular site for placement of a WCF, for providing news coverage of a limited event, or for providing emergency communications during a natural disaster or other emergencies that may threaten the public health, safety and welfare.

Theater: an establishment primarily engaged in the indoor exhibition of motion pictures or of live theatrical presentations.

Threshold determination: the decision required under SEPA as to whether a proposal will (determination of significance) or will not (determination of nonsignificance) require an environmental impact statement.

Title: when applied to real estate, a document evidencing ownership.

Tower, wireless: any structure built for the sole or primary purpose of supporting any FCC-licensed or FCC-authorized antenna, including any structure that is constructed for wireless communication service. This term does not include base station.

Townhouse (also rowhouse): any residential dwelling sharing a vertical wall with a dwelling on the same or a separate lot. No portion of any townhouse is above or below another townhouse.

Tract: a separate piece of property created as part of a subdivision and intended for a particular specialized purpose other than an individual subdivided lot.

Transfer of development rights (TDR): the mechanism by which the entitlement to develop property may be sold from a designated sending site and purchased for use at an eligible receiving site where it can be exchanged for the license to place an increment of development on the receiving site in excess of the level of development allowed by-right.

Transfer station: a staffed facility where individuals and route collection vehicles deposit solid waste for transport to a permanent disposal site, including solid waste recycling facilities.

Transit park and ride lot: a vehicle parking area for access to a public transit system.

Transmission equipment: equipment that facilitates transmission of any FCC-licensed or FCC-authorized wireless communication service.

Transportation Element: the element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan that consists of transportation goals and policies, an inventory of transportation facilities and services, adopted level of service standards for the street system, an analysis of the street system’s deficiencies and needs, prioritized street system improvements and management strategies, and a multiyear financial plan, adopted pursuant to Chapter 36.70A RCW.

Transportation Master Plan: the City approved document that provides the framework to guide the growth and development of the City’s transportation infrastructure.

Transportation service area: the entire geographic area of the City.

Travel trailer: an enclosed space mounted on wheels for towing, designed as a human domicile, which is not a manufactured home. (Ord. 2401, 2020)