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Unavoidable impacts: adverse impacts that remain after all appropriate and practicable avoidance and minimization have been achieved.

Unit lot: one (1) of the individual lots created by the subdivision of a parent lot pursuant to SMC 14.215.125.

Upper floor/story: any story above the ground floor.

Utilities or utility facilities: services and facilities that produce, convey, store or process electric power, gas, sewage, water, communications, oil, and waste. This includes drainage conveyances and swales. On-site utility features serving a primary use, such as a water, sewer or gas line to a residence, are “accessory utilities” and shall be considered a part of the primary use. For the purposes of this title, “utility facilities” does not mean infrastructure for administrative or support functions, such as professional offices, customer service centers, fleet maintenance facilities, storage yards, etc. (Ord. 2401, 2020)