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A. The following regulations shall constitute the Snohomish Shoreline Master Program development regulations, are incorporated herein and provided in Appendix A, attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, for reference purposes, except as supplemented or modified under SMC 14.250.330, with the exceptions specified below:

1. Chapter 14.250 SMC – Shoreline Management (Ordinance 2336, dated May 15, 2018).

2. Chapter 14.255 SMC – Critical Areas – General (Ordinance 2083, dated May 3, 2005).

3. Chapter 14.265 SMC – Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (Ordinance 2083, dated May 3, 2005).

4. Chapter 14.270 SMC – Flood Hazard Areas (Ordinance 2400, dated July 21, 2020).

5. Chapter 14.275 SMC – Geologically Hazardous Areas (Ordinance 2083, dated May 3, 2005).

6. Chapter 14.280 SMC – Habitat Conservation Areas (Ordinance 2083, dated May 3, 2005).

B. Unless specifically stated, this chapter does not alter the provisions and requirements specified by other chapters of the Snohomish Municipal Code. In no case shall this chapter be construed to lessen the requirements of any other City regulation.

C. The following sections and subsections of the Snohomish Municipal Code are excluded from incorporation and do not apply in the shoreline jurisdiction:

1. SMC 14.255.050 – Exemptions.

2. SMC 14.255.110 and 14.255.120 – Variances.

3. SMC 14.265.020 – Exemptions.

4. SMC 14.275.030 – Exemptions.

5. SMC 14.255.100(G) and 14.260.060(E).

6. Chapter 14.260 SMC – Wetlands.

7. SMC 14.280.050 – Substantive Requirements.

8. SMC 14.280.060 – Habitat Conservation Area Buffers.

D. Any provisions of the City of Snohomish Critical Areas Code (Chapters 14.255 through 14.280 SMC) that are not consistent with the Shoreline Management Act, Chapter 90.85 RCW, and supporting Washington Administrative Code chapters shall not apply in the shoreline jurisdiction.

E. Where this program makes reference to RCW, WAC, or other state or federal law or regulation, the most recent amendment or version shall apply.

F. In the event of any conflict between the Shoreline Master Program development regulations and any other regulations of the City, the regulations that provide greater protection of the shoreline natural environment and aquatic habitat, as determined by the Planning Director or designee, shall prevail.

G. The Planning Director, or designee, is authorized to issue permits and approvals for development and/or construction upon regulated shorelands after confirming that the proposed activity is consistent with this master program.

H. Issuance of a substantial development permit, conditional use permit, and/or variance approval does not constitute approval pursuant to any other federal, state or City laws or regulations. (Ord. 2336, 2018)