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A. Shoreline environments established by the Shoreline Master Program may be amended by the City Council where the designation change is consistent with the provisions of Chapter 173-26 WAC, Chapter 14.15 SMC, and this chapter.

B. A change in shoreline environment designation shall be processed and considered as an amendment of the Shoreline Master Program and the Comprehensive Plan. In conjunction with the procedural requirements of Chapter 14.15 SMC, the proposed designation change shall conform to the procedural requirements for Shoreline Master Program amendments specified by Chapter 90.58 RCW and Chapter 173-26 WAC.

C. Proposed shoreline environment designation changes shall include information specified by Chapter 14.55 SMC, as determined by the Planning Director, or designee. The application shall include written explanation of how the proposed change satisfies applicable criteria and written justification for such based on existing development patterns, the biophysical capabilities and limitations of the shoreline being considered, and the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 2336, 2018)