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A. No modification to existing, legally established agricultural activities occurring on agricultural lands shall be required for compliance with this chapter. New agricultural activities on land not meeting the definition of agricultural land, conversion of agricultural lands to other uses, and other development on agricultural land that does not meet the definition of agricultural activities shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter. In all cases, a substantial development permit shall be required for new nonexempt development.

B. Creation of new agricultural areas and new structures for accessory uses on agricultural lands are subject to the requirements for structure setbacks and critical areas regulations specified by this chapter, and shall be located and designed to ensure no net loss of ecological function.

C. The keeping of animals is subject to the provisions of SMC Title 7.

D. Agricultural plowing and cultivation, where legally established and maintained consistent with all applicable regulations, shall not be regulated as grading. Modification of land contours in a manner that alters drainage patterns, including conversion of areas not currently in cultivation, shall be regulated as grading. (Ord. 2336, 2018)