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A. Applications for new aquaculture facilities or operations shall be accompanied by a report by a qualified biologist on the effects the proposal would have on the ecological functions of the shoreline.

B. Aquaculture structures shall not detract from the aesthetic qualities of the surrounding environment.

C. Floating aquaculture structures are prohibited.

D. In addition to any development establishing a new aquaculture use, the following aquaculture activities require the issuance of a substantial development permit:

1. Construction and expansion of facilities.

2. Disposal of solid or liquid wastes such as may result from confined rearing operations for salmon or other aquatic life.

3. Construction of dikes or the dredging of bottom materials.

4. The propagation of non-native stocks of aquatic plants and animals.

E. The following operations/activities shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the authorizing substantial development permit and hydrologic project approval (HPA) and applicable provisions of this chapter:

1. Propagation, cultivation, feeding.

2. Harvesting; provided, that such harvesting does not result in a significant alteration to the natural ecosystems of the area.

3. Routine maintenance activities and procedures.

F. Processing of aquaculture products, other than on a tending boat or barge, shall be governed by applicable regulations for industrial uses. (Ord. 2336, 2018)