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A. Industrial uses in the shoreline shall provide public visual and/or physical access to the shoreline, or public access improvements in accordance with the regulations specific to commercial uses contained in SMC 14.250.150.

B. Outdoor storage areas shall be designed in accordance with Chapter 15.16 SMC and the Snohomish Engineering Design and Construction Standards.

C. The following regulations shall apply to lumber mills and forestry uses:

1. Except where no practical alternative exists, log storage shall occur on land.

2. Log storage shall not be permitted in waters of the state where water quality standards cannot be met or where log storage precludes the public’s use and navigation of waters of the state.

3. Free-fall dropping of logs into water is prohibited.

4. Bark and wood debris from mill operations shall be kept out of water bodies.

5. Logs shall not be dumped, stored, or floated in areas where grounding will occur. (Ord. 2336, 2018)