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A. Boat launches, marinas, and similar uses shall be designed and operated so that there is no net loss of ecological function within the shoreline jurisdiction. Restoration and enhancement of critical habitat areas and/or native growth protection areas, preferably within the same catchment, shall be required to compensate for unavoidable adverse impacts upon ecological functions.

B. Boat launches and marinas shall be sited and designed to protect rights of navigation upon navigable waters.

C. Boat launches and marinas shall not alter river currents such that adverse impacts would occur downstream. Boat launches and marinas shall be designed to meet criteria by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife relative to disruption of currents, restriction of tidal prisms, flushing characteristics, and fish passage.

D. Marinas shall have facilities for handling wastes typically generated by marina patrons and visitors. Marinas shall not discharge or release any waste, treated or untreated, into the body of water on which they are located. Oil and gas handling systems shall be designed to minimize potential oil and gas spills. Marinas shall have provisions for containment and cleanup of such spills.

E. Floating homes and live-aboards are prohibited.

F. Marinas shall be designed to include native vegetation where feasible and practical.

G. Marinas shall be designed to provide public access to the shoreline wherever feasible and practical.

H. Structures for accessory uses that are not water dependent shall not be located over water.

I. Parking for boat launches and marinas shall be located upland of shoreline buffer areas.

J. Vehicular access to a boat launch located within a critical area buffer or habitat conservation area shall be the minimum size necessary to provide safe maneuvering of vehicles. (Ord. 2336, 2018)