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A. Breakwaters, jetties, groins, and weirs located waterward of the ordinary high water mark shall be allowed only where necessary to support water-dependent uses, public access, shoreline stabilization, or other specific public purpose.

B. Applications for breakwaters, jetties, groins and weirs shall provide (at a minimum) the following information:

1. Purpose of project;

2. Construction material;

3. Method of construction;

4. Analysis of shoreline conditions demonstrating the need for the project;

5. Assessment of the expected effects of the project on ecological functions of the shoreline; and

6. A mitigation plan demonstrating no net loss of ecological functions in the shoreline.

C. Applications for groins shall also include the source and destination of material proposed to be trapped by the groin(s).

D. Breakwaters shall meet or exceed all design requirements of the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

E. Jetties and groins shall not result in a net adverse effect upon nearby beaches. (Ord. 2336, 2018)