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If the City allows conformance with this Critical Areas Code’s substantive requirements to be achieved by mitigation pursuant to Step 3 of SMC 14.255.070, the critical area report shall include a mitigation plan consisting of:

A. An analysis of the anticipated impacts;

B. A strategy for mitigating the impacts, including site selection factors;

C. An analysis of the anticipated functions and values that will result from the mitigation, including an assessment of risks;

D. A review of the best available science relative to the proposed mitigation;

E. Specific standards for evaluating whether the mitigation is successful;

F. Detailed construction plans, including:

1. Construction timing;

2. Grading and excavation details;

3. Erosion and sediment control features;

4. Planting plan; and

5. Measures to protect plants until established;

G. A program for monitoring the mitigation over at least five (5) years, provided that ten (10) years of monitoring are required to ensure successful establishment of all trees and woody shrubs; and

H. Potential corrective measures should the monitoring indicate standards are not being met.