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In addition to the requirements of SMC 14.255.080, critical area reports for wetlands shall include the following:

A. Wetland delineation map as surveyed and flagged in the field.

B. Assessment of wetlands, including acreage, category, required buffers, evidence of past alterations, soil, topography, hydrology, ecology, and functional evaluation using a recognized method.

C. Discussion of measures to preserve wetland functions and values, including the “sequencing” set forth in SMC 14.255.120(E).

D. If mitigation is proposed, a mitigation plan including the existing and proposed status of:

1. Wetland acreage;

2. Vegetation and fauna;

3. Surface and subsurface hydrology;

4. Soils, substrate, and topography;

5. Required wetland buffers; and

6. Property ownership.

E. Proposed wetland management and monitoring.