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Habitat conservation areas shall be designated by the City Planner to include the following:

A. Areas having a primary association with fish and wildlife species identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service as being in danger of extinction or threatened to become endangered;

B. Areas having a primary association with fish and wildlife species identified by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as being in danger of extinction, threatened to become endangered, vulnerable, or declining and likely to become endangered or threatened in a significant portion of their range within the state without cooperative management or removal of threats. See WAC 232-12-014 (state endangered species) and WAC 232-12-011 (state threatened and sensitive species);

C. State priority habitats as identified by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife;

D. Habitats and species of local importance as identified by the City in accordance with SMC 14.280.020;

E. Waters of the state, including lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, inland waters, underground waters, salt waters, and all other surface waters and watercourses within the jurisdiction of the state of Washington, as classified in WAC 222-16-031;

F. Ponds under twenty acres that provide fish or wildlife habitat, except artificial ponds created for a non-wildlife purpose such as stormwater detention facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, farm ponds, and temporary construction ponds;

G. Lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers planted with game fish by a governmental or tribal entity;

H. Natural area preserves and natural resource conservation areas as defined by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources;

I. Areas of rare plant species and high quality ecosystems as identified by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources through the Natural Heritage Program (see Chapter 79.70 RCW); and

J. Land useful or essential for preserving connections between habitat blocks and open spaces.