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A. Pre-Application Required. A pre-application shall be required for any development application that proposes to incorporate any regulatory or financial incentive provided by this chapter. Such pre-application shall describe the proposed development in as much detail as is feasible, including the specific incentive(s) that will be requested by the applicant.

B. Agreement. An application for a proposed project that incorporates any incentive of this chapter shall not be approved until the applicant has submitted a signed Affordable Housing Incentives Agreement stipulated in SMC 14.285.030(A) as a component of the application package.

C. Development Review. Development proposals incorporating any incentive of this chapter shall be required to meet all other elements of land development and applicable codes and regulations thereof, including required land use approvals and permits.

D. Required Documentation. Prior to the final approval of any land use application or building permit that incorporates any incentives provided for within this chapter, the owner of the property shall provide a recorded declaration secured by a deed of trust on the property title running with the land, binding all the assigns, heirs and successors of the applicant and securing the affordability requirements as stated under this chapter. The recorded declaration must provide language for conversion pursuant to the duration requirements per SMC 14.285.030. (Ord. 2480, 2024)