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The Council may, on a case-by-case basis, grant exemptions to the application of the fee schedule for low-income or senior housing that achieves broad public purposes as defined in Chapter 14.05.020 SMC, and authorized by and in accordance with the conditions specified under RCW 82.02.060(2). To qualify for the exemption, the developer of such housing shall submit a petition to the Planner for consideration by the Council prior to application for building permit. Conditions for such approvals shall be established by the Council at the time of approval that, at a minimum, meet the requirements of RCW 82.02.060(2), and which shall also include a requirement for a covenant to assure the project’s continued use for low-income or senior housing. The covenant entered into by and between the developer and the City shall be an obligation that runs with the land, and shall be recorded against the title of the real property upon which such housing is located in the real property records of the City of Snohomish. The covenant shall be reviewed and approved as to form by the City Attorney.