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A. The requirements of this Chapter, together with the Comprehensive Plan and the City’s other development regulations and policies adopted pursuant thereto, shall constitute the policies of the City under the GMA and the State Environmental Policy Act, Ch. 43.21C RCW, (SEPA) for the review of development and the determination of significant adverse environmental impacts and imposition of mitigation requirements due to the impacts of development on the transportation system.

B. Measures required by this Chapter shall constitute adequate mitigation of adverse or significant adverse environmental impacts on the street system for the purposes of SEPA, to the extent that the City determines the specific impacts of the development are adequately addressed by this Chapter in accordance with SEPA.

C. In accordance with RCW 43.21C.065 and RCW 82.02.100, a person required to make a proportionate share mitigating payment under a SEPA payment program or pay a traffic impact fee under this Chapter shall be required to make a payment or pay a fee pursuant to either SEPA or the GMA, but not both, for the same system improvements.