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A. When Required. In order to provide sufficient information to assess a development’s impact on the street system, developments adding three (3) or more p.m. peak-hour trips will be required to provide a traffic study when it has been determined that there is not sufficient information existing in the Department’s database to adequately assess the traffic impacts of the development. The traffic study will consist of at least a traffic generation and distribution analysis. The City Engineer may require that additional information be provided on impacts of the development to level-of-service of affected streets, inadequate street conditions, adequacy of the proportionate share calculations of any voluntary payments required under this chapter to reasonably or adequately mitigate impacts of the proposed development, and conformance with the Comprehensive Plan’s Transportation Element. The City Engineer may determine at a pre-application conference the need for a study and the scope of analysis of any needed study.

B. Waiver. If, in the opinion of the City Engineer, there is sufficient information known about a development’s street system impacts from previous traffic studies, the City Engineer may waive the requirement for a traffic study and so state the waiver determination in the pre-application meeting. In such cases, the existing information will be used to establish any necessary traffic mitigation requirements to be recommended in the review of the development. (Ord. 2391, 2020)