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A. Applications which have a prior SEPA threshold determination establishing developer obligation for the transportation impacts prior to the enactment of this chapter shall be vested under the development obligation identified under SEPA.

B. A determination of developer obligation shall be made by the City before approval of preliminary plats, short subdivisions, and conditional use permits. For other development approvals, the determination of developer obligation shall be made prior to issuance of a building permit.

C. Mitigation measures imposed as conditions of a development approval shall remain valid until the expiration date of the concurrency determination for the development. Any building permit application submitted after the expiration date shall be subject to full reinvestigation of traffic impacts under this chapter before the building permit can be issued. Determination of new or additional impact mitigation measures shall take into consideration, and may allow credit for, mitigation measures fully accomplished in connection with approval of the development or prior building permits pursuant to a recorded development plan, only where those mitigation measures addressed impacts of the current building permit application.

D. The City Engineer, following review of any required traffic study and any other pertinent data, shall inform the developer in writing what the development’s impacts and mitigation obligations are under this chapter. The developer shall make a written proposal for mitigation of the development’s traffic impact, except when such mitigation is by payment of any impact fee under the authority provided to the City under RCW 82.02.050(2). When the developer’s written proposal has been reviewed for accuracy and completeness by the City Engineer, the City Engineer shall make a recommendation to the City approval authority, as to the concurrency determination and conditions of approval or reasons for recommending denial of the development application, citing the requirements of this chapter.

E. Any request to revise a proposed development, following the determination of developer obligations and approval of the development, which causes an increase in the traffic generated by the development, or a change in points of access, shall be processed in the same manner as an original application except where the City Engineer determines that such revision may be administratively approved. (Ord. 2391, 2020)