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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the following definitions shall apply.

Department means the City of Snohomish Public Works Department.

Development approval means any written authorization from the City which authorizes the commencement of development activity.

Director means Public Works Director or his/her authorized designee.

Dwelling Unit is defined in SMC 14.100.

Encumber means to transfer funds from the general park impact fee fund to an account created to fund, in whole or in part, a particular system improvement. Once funds have been encumbered they cannot be used to fund any other system improvement. Funds may only be encumbered by an action of the City Council.

Impact fee means a payment of money imposed upon development as a condition of development approval to pay for public facilities needed to serve new growth and development, and that is reasonably related to the new development that creates additional demand and need for public facilities, that is a proportionate share of the cost of the public facilities, and that is used for facilities that reasonably benefit the new development. “Impact fee” does not include a reasonable permit or application fee.

Owner means the owner of record of real property, although when real property is being purchased under a real estate contract, the purchaser shall be considered the owner of the real property if the contract is recorded.

Proportionate share means that portion of the cost of public facility improvements that is reasonably related to the service demands and needs of a new development.

Project improvements mean site improvements and facilities that are planned and designed to provide service for a particular development project and that are necessary for the use and convenience of the occupants or users of the project, and are not system improvements. No improvement or facility included in a capital facilities plan approved by the governing body of the City shall be considered a project improvement.

Public facilities means the following capital facilities owned or operated by government entities: (a) Public streets and roads; (b) publicly owned parks, open space, trails and recreation facilities; (c) school facilities; and (d) fire protection facilities in jurisdictions that are not part of a fire district.

Service area is defined in SMC 14.300.120.

System improvements mean public facilities that are designed to provide service to the community at large, in contrast to project improvements. System improve-ments are facilities included in any of the following documents: Capital Facilities Element of the Comprehensive Plan; Parks Element of the Comprehensive Plan; or Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Long Range Plan.