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A. The application form shall establish the submittal requirements, which shall include a reasonably accurate site plan.

B. The City Planner may issue a temporary permit if he or she finds that, based on the duration of the permit and conditions imposed, the temporary use or construction activity:

1. Conforms to the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and this Development Code;

2. Conforms with all other applicable development regulations;

3. Will not adversely affect the public health, safety, and general welfare; and;

4. Is categorically exempt from the State Environmental Policy Act.

C. Under normal circumstances, permits for temporary uses shall not be given for more than 60 days. The City Planner may renew a temporary permit, provided its total duration does not exceed one year. Any temporary structure shall be removed from the premises not more than 30 days after the permit expires or the reason for the temporary permit ceases, whichever is sooner.

D. A construction office for which a temporary permit has been granted shall not also require a building permit, provided that it has the appropriate Washington State Department of Labor and Industries label. (Such construction offices are not intended for visitation by the general public.) (Ord. 2082, 2005)