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A. The Hearing Examiner shall have all of the authority and duties granted in state statutes and the Snohomish Municipal Code. Among other duties, the Hearing Examiner shall:

1. Conduct fair and impartial hearings.

2. Avoid delaying proceedings.

3. Maintain order.

B. The Hearing Examiner may:

1. Administer oaths and affirmations.

2. Issue subpoenas.

3. Rule upon offers of proof and receive evidence.

4. Conduct view trips.

5. Regulate the course of the hearing and the conduct of the parties.

6. Question any party presenting testimony at the hearing.

7. Require briefs on legal issues.

8. Consider and rule upon procedural and other motions.

9. Make and file recommendations or decisions.

C. The Hearing Examiner may hold pre-hearing conferences to clarify issues or structure the proceeding, provided all affected parties receive reasonable notice and either attend or waive their right to attend. At the hearing, or by pre-hearing order, the Hearing Examiner shall communicate for the record the time, purpose, and result of the conference.

D. No elected official, officer, employee, or agent of the City shall supervise or direct the Hearing Examiner’s adjudicative functions.