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A. The applicant shall have the burden of proof to show compliance with applicable laws and regulations of Washington State and the City of Snohomish.

B. The hearing generally will not be conducted according to strict legal rules of evidence and procedure. Any relevant and probative evidence shall be admitted. The rules of privilege shall be effective to the extent recognized by law. The Hearing Examiner shall decide the admissibility of evidence.

C. Documentary evidence may be received in the form of copies. Upon request, parties shall be given an opportunity to compare the copy with the original.

D. The Hearing Examiner may take judicial notice of judicially cognizable facts and in addition may take notice of general, technical, or scientific facts within his/her specialized knowledge. The Hearing Examiner shall not take notice of disputed adjudicative facts that are determinative of the outcome of a particular proceeding.

E. If a document is referred to at a public hearing and the Hearing Examiner requests a copy of the document, said document may so enter the record.

F. All parties will be allowed opportunity to make a record of evidence admitted or denied during the course of the hearing. This record shall include offers of proof.