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A. Except where a credit for the Project Development Fee is given by SMC 15.04.142, a Project Development Fee shall be assessed for each new water or sewer connection, established in a defined special development area, to provide means by which property owners who connect to the City’s water and/or sewer utilities through infrastructure constructed by City’s water and/or sewer utility bear an equitable share of the cost required to develop the infrastructure. The Project Development Fee for both the water and sewer connection shall be based upon the size of the water service. The amount of the Project Development Fee shall be established by resolution as authorized in Snohomish Municipal Code 15.04.120(B).

B. The City Council shall determine the benefit area for a project development fee, the estimated number of future connections, cost of the facility construction including debt service and/or administrative and overhead costs to determine the amount of Project Development Fee for a water and/or sewer connection

C. Payment of all Project Development Fees shall be made in full upon submission of an application for service under SMC 15.04.020 or by credit against payment as established by SMC 15.04.142. No water or sewer service shall be commenced until such charges are paid in full in good funds or by credit against payment as established by SMC 15.04.142. All charges constitute a lien against the property superior to all other liens and encumbrances except those for general taxes and special assessments. Such a lien may be foreclosed in the same manner provided by law for the foreclosure of delinquent local improvement district assessments.

D. All Project Development Fees received by the City shall be deposited in a bond redemption fund, and shall be used solely for the repayment of debt associated with the specific project developed. (Ord. 1886, 1999; Ord. 2075, 2005; Ord. 2236, 2012)