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A. “Combined utility billing” means as follows: If the City operates the solid waste collection and disposal utility, the City will render a “combined utility billing” consisting of a bill for water, sewer, solid waste and/or other utility services provided by the City. Capital improvement charges, meter charges, connection charges or other similar charges may be included in the combined utility billing.

B. “Contractor utility billing” means a bill to a City consumer of solid waste or other contractor provided City utility services.

C. “Customer” means a regularly billed consumer of City utility services at the billing address as shown in the files of the City Finance Department.

D. “Utility hearing examiner” means a person who may be, but need not be, a City employee, designated by the Mayor to hear and decide billing disputes between customers and the City. (Ord. 1500, 1982; Ord. 1543, 1985; Ord. 1602, 1987; Ord. 2001, 2002; Ord. 2341, 2017)