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All combined utility charges shall be charged against the property for which the service was installed. Combined utility billings and/or contractor utility billings shall be mailed to all customers using the addresses contained in the records of the City Finance Department. In the event that any combined utility billing or contractor utility billing, or a portion thereof, is not paid by the due date indicated upon the billing, they shall be considered delinquent and shall automatically constitute a lien against the property to which the services were rendered. Such lien for accounts provided with water service, for up to four months of service, shall be enforced by termination of service and shall include the delinquent charges and such customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the City, including reasonable attorney’s fees; and shall encumber the property and shall be the obligation of the owner of the property, his heirs, successors and assigns until same is paid in full. Such lien for combined utility charges for accounts without water service shall include, but are not limited to, the right to stop service, deny service thereafter to any and all owners and/or occupants, and/or recording a lien at the office of the County Auditor against the property for which the service was installed; provided, that the City shall follow the procedures set forth in this chapter with respect to termination of service. (Ord. 1500, 1982; Ord. 1543, 1985; Ord. 1602, 1987; Ord. 2001, 2002)