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A bimonthly utility bill shall be sent to each utility customer. The bill shall state that a late fee as adopted in the master fee schedule will be added to each account over $35.00 that remains unpaid five working days following the due date set forth in the bill. The bill shall state a termination date, which shall be 30 days from bill date and a termination fee as adopted in the master fee schedule. A notice of termination of service will be sent to each utility customer, and property owner if a tenant is the customer whose account remains unpaid, 10 to 15 days prior to termination of service date informing the customer and property owner the date of termination of the utility service. The notice of termination shall be delivered in one of the following methods: personally, mailed by first-class mail, or posted at the service address as shown in the City’s records. A second and final notice of termination will be delivered both through an automated notification system utilizing the telephone number on the customer’s account, and personally posting on the door(s) of single-family, multifamily, or business customers whose bill remains unpaid at least three days prior to termination date as shown on bill. Whenever it appears that the termination of utility service to a given service address will affect more than one dwelling unit, the City shall cause reasonable effort to be made to give notice to all affected dwelling units. On approval by the City, a utility customer may enter into written payment arrangements. Such payment arrangements may be granted by the City for a period up to 12 months as determined by the total balance owed and customer’s ability to pay. The payment arrangement shall be on a form and procedure provided by the City. A customer shall be limited to two payment arrangements per 12-month period. It shall be the sole discretion of the City as to the approval or denial of a request for payment arrangements. A customer’s failure to comply with an approved payment arrangement may result in service termination within three business days. The City, in its sole discretion, may waive the late charge or shut-off penalty. (Ord. 2388, 2020; Ord. 2450, 2022)