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In the event a service which has been voluntarily or involuntarily terminated is reconnected or turned on by someone other than the City, except in the case of emergency, the City shall have the right to remove the water meter and so much of the service installation as the City deems appropriate under the circumstances. Resumption of service upon removal of the meter and/or other service apparatus shall require advance payment of the City's actual cost of meter and equipment removal and reinstallation. Any damage resulting from an unauthorized reconnection, destruction or removal of City locking mechanism caused to a meter, meter fitting, lock, or other utility apparatus by someone other than the City shall be billed to the property where the service was being provided and shall be paid in full prior to the reestablishment of utility service. Should the City be required to modify the water delivery system to enforce service disconnection due to the unauthorized reconnection by a customer, all costs associated with the modification shall be billed to the property owner via first class mail and post the notice at the effected property. The notice shall provide the property owner with three working days to pay all outstanding charges prior to the modification work being performed. (Ord. 1500, 1982; Ord. 1602, 1987; Ord. 2001, 2002)