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A. State and local requirements and limitations on discharges to the POTW shall be met by all users that are subject to such standards in any instance in which they are more stringent than Federal requirements and limitations. State and local regulations require the use of all known, available, and reasonable technology methods of prevention, control and treatment.

B. Any user determined by the City to qualify as a significant industrial user shall file an application for a State Waste Discharge Permit with DOE in accordance with the requirement of WAC 173-216-070. A copy of proof of acceptance of the application and payment of permit fees shall be provided to the City and kept at the user’s facilities and available upon request by the City. Failure to submit the application or rejection of the application by DOE may be considered sufficient grounds to terminate or refuse to provide sewer service. Final determination will be made by the City. (Ord. 2351, 2018)