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Compliance by existing sources covered by Categorical Pretreatment Standards shall be within three (3) years of the date the Standard is effective unless a shorter compliance time is specified in the appropriate Standard. The City shall establish a final compliance deadline date for any categorical user when the local limits for said user are more restrictive than EPA’s Categorical Pretreatment Standards. The City may establish a final compliance deadline date for any existing user not covered by Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

New source users and new users of an existing facility are required to comply with applicable pretreatment standards within the shortest feasible time not to exceed ninety (90) days from the beginning of discharge. New sources and new users of a new facility shall install and have in operating condition, and shall start up, all pollution control equipment required to meet applicable pretreatment standards before beginning to discharge.

Any existing user or a categorical user that must comply with a more stringent local limit, which is in a state of noncompliance with any local limit, shall be provided with a compliance schedule placed in a special agreement to insure compliance within the shortest time feasible. (Ord. 2351, 2018)