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A. No user required by the City to enter into a special agreement shall commence or continue to discharge wastewater into the POTW without first obtaining a special agreement from the City. Any breach of the terms and conditions of a special agreement shall be deemed noncompliance with this ordinance and subject to the sanctions set out in this ordinance. Obtaining a special agreement does not relieve a user of its obligations to comply with all Federal and State pretreatment standards or requirements or with any other requirements of Federal, State and local law, including but not limited to this Ordinance.

B. All users required to obtain a special agreement shall submit to the City a completed sewer use survey in a form prescribed by the City.

C. New sources, sources that become a user subsequent to the promulgation of an applicable Categorical Pretreatment Standard, and new users that are determined to be SIU, at least ninety (90) days prior to the anticipated start-up shall apply for a wastewater discharge permit as may be required by the State and will submit to the City a completed sewer use survey form to determine the need to enter into a special agreement with the City. (Ord. 2351, 2018)