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By written amendment the City and user may modify the special agreement for good cause including, but not limited to, the following:

A. To incorporate any new or revised Federal, State or local pretreatment standards or requirements;

B. To address significant alterations or additions to the user’s operation, processes, or wastewater volume or character since the time of special agreement execution;

C. A change in the POTW that requires either a temporary or permanent reduction or elimination of the discharge authorized with the special agreement;

D. Information indicating that the discharge authorized poses a threat to the POTW, City personnel, or the receiving waters;

E. Noncompliance with any terms or conditions of the special agreement;

F. Misrepresentation or failure to fully and accurately disclose all relevant facts in the sewer use survey form or in any required reporting;

G. To reflect a transfer of the facility ownership and/or operation to a new owner/operator. (Ord. 2351, 2018)